Oceola Fish & Game Club
Member of the BCWF

We are a non-profit organization of hunters and anglers whose aims are to protect, enhance and promote the wise use of the environment. The Club has a strong conservation ethic and continues to work on a variety of habitat restoration projects to support our local Kokanee fishery on Wood lake as well as ungulate range throughout the Central Okanagan. Our club is located in Lake Country, BC serving our members throughout the Central Okanagan.

Notice of Annual General Meeting:
The 2021 Oceola Fish and Game Club AGM will be held on Wednesday, March 17th @ 7:00pm via Zoom. Please take the time to review important details below regarding registration and nominations. If you have any questions please visit the OFGC Contact Us page and select the News drop down to email your inquiry. 

Registration for Zoom AGM
• Only 2021 members will be admitted to the AGM So please renew your membership if not already done
• Adult and Senior Members, please do not share any links
• Family memberships – As we presently have only one email address per Family, we ask the Primary member, who received this email,to share the link to register for the zoom meeting with your spouse only. Spouses will need to provide a different email address from the primary member in order to register and vote at the AGM.
• Junior members are not eligible to vote
• Please enter your entire membership number, spouses will need to include the hyphen and last 4 digits
• Phone in voting is unavailable due to electronic polling system
• The cut off for accepting registrations for the Zoom meeting will be March 14th
• Please register as soon as possible to allow admin time to process
• Your link for registration will be sent out via email

Board of Directors Nominations
• Please submit names for election on the OFGC website Contact Us page through the Nominations drop down 
• The nominations and endorser will be shared before each position is voted on during the meeting
• The cut off for accepting nominee's will close on March 14th for poll preparation

COVID-19 Notice:

Our upper shooting range will remain open for members at this time.
As per the Public Health Authority, please practice social distancing and protect yourself accordingly from exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Common surfaces such as locks, door knobs, flags and benches are NOT disinfected or sterilized. You are using the range for your shooting enjoyment and do so at your own risk. Be responsible. If you feel ill, STAY HOME. If your personal health immunity is compromised, STAY HOME. There will not be any organized shooting events held at any of ranges for the foreseeable future, i.e.: indoor shooting, indoor archery, trap, etc. Please remember the Public Health Guidelines regarding social distancing and sanitizing. We will not be sanitizing surfaces or providing sanitizing equipment. Bring your own sanitizer. If we find that members are not being responsible, we may have to close the shooting range. Be safe and stay healthy everyone!

Thank you from the Board of Directors for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.