Awards 2014

Award Award Recipient
Service Awards Nick Kozub, Gord Marano, Danny Coyne, Keith Baker
Service Awards Robert Schouten, Bob Vannan, Shaun Reed
President’s Award Robert Schouten
Sportsman of the Year Jared Wilkison
Achievement Award Joann Bosch
Exotic Game Trophy – 60lb Halibut Jack Hatanaka
Outdoor Photography Jack Hatanaka
Junior Mule Deer Trophy Colin MacGregor First Buck
Junior Whitetail Deer Trophy Bryton Badminton score 132
Elk Trophy Dale Forsythe score 332
Moose Alf Tepper
Moose Trophy Brad Talbot score 161 3/8
Black Bear Trophy Barb Konig
Whitetail Deer Trophy Robert Gordon score 133 2/8
Mule Deer Trophy Sean Richardson score 152 6/8
McInroy Kokanee Trophy Ewan MacGregor 9lbs 8oz
Sax Koyama Award Dorothy Dussault

Moose Trophy

Jeremy Kozub receiving his Largest Moose Trophy

Moose Trophy

2011 – Jeremy Kozub

  • Largest Moose
  • Boone & Crockett scoring

Exotic Game Trophy

Jesse won the award for 2012 for a Bison scoring 94″

Exotic Game Trophy

2012 – Jesse Zeman

  • This trophy will go to the person that has the best goat, sheep, grizzly, caribou or Bison
  • Scoring by Boone & Crockett and will use a percentage comparison

Achievement Award

Gary Kozab receiving his OFGC Achievement Award

Oceola Achievement Award

2011 – Gary Kozub

  • Awarded to the person most instrumental in a project
  • Decided by Honorary members
  • Nominations by any club member

Sportsman Of The Year Award

Mike Kamann receives his OFGC Sportsman of the Year award.

Sportsman Of The Year Award

2012 – Mike Kamann

  • Awarded to the person or persons offering the most towards conservation, communications and the betterment of fish and wildlife
  • Decided by Honorary members
  • Nominations by any club member