The Sax Koyama Award

If ever there was a person worthy of a “Citizen of the Year” award, it was Sax Koyama. As Lake Country does not have such an award, The Oceola Fish & Game Club members felt it appropiate to recognize annually a dedicated citizen within the community, in memory of Sax Koyama.

The award is to be called the “Sax Koyama Award”, and is to be presented annually to the Lake Country Citizen of the Year. A plaque will be provided to the recipient as a keepsake.

Nominations for the award must be received by 31st December annually.

The award will be presented at the annual banquet of the Oceola Fish & Game Club in February.

Nomination forms are available at the Oceola Fish & Game club.

The award will be presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the community, taking into accountthe following:

  • 1. The recipient must be a resident of the Central Okanagan Regional District, Area “A”, otherwise known as “Lake Country”
  • 2. Submissions must be based on outstanding contribution, having a direct beneficial effect on the community and its residents.
  • 3. The recipient may be male or female.

The main function of this award is as follows:

  • 1. To recognize the outstanding efforts of a citizenworking for the community.
  • 2. To foster positive feelings in the community
  • 3. To create an awareness of the varying contributions which are made toward the well-being of our community by its citizens